Zagara.ONE - The Great Finalé plan is booting up, and in progress.. 1%.

You Are The Finalé Resistance, And The Event Planner!

Join me if you want, and if you are ready!

The Great Place, For The Great Awakened, People of Life!

The Oneness, is awakening us!

The Oneness, is preparing The Event.

And The Event, is being prepared and put together, With Us!

This is happening, Now!

Here in this now! In Todays Update -> 10-07-2019

I don't know if you have noticed. But there is currently a war going on here, on this, planet here... This beautiful planet earth, Gaia, is currently suffering from the Dark Forces.. The Dark Ones... The Cabal.

I do not know if you have heard. But we are actually currently, fighting in this war, where it is the Light against The So called Dark Ones.. Currently YOU, are fighting it!

But do you wanna know why? Or do you wanna know at all? The Truth is.. You can't deny it! Because every where you go. You see it! Well if you have "eyes" and ears, and mouths?

Well, my point here actually is.. If you are currently awake. Well then you know.. But sooner or later everyone else will also, have to know! And currently this is actually going a little too fast!

And well here it is!.. YOU, The, People of LIFE!..

We need YOU!.. I need YOU!

You are right now reading todays update! And sooner or later. I hope you might join me, or us for the upcoming The Event, that we, and i am currently preparing for!

The Dark Forces, are loosing their grip! There is no doubt about it!. But we currently, actually also need to hold the grip on humanity! because they are currently waking up too fast, before the Event can actually happen!

And what i mean by that is this!.. The Event, needs to happen sooner or later. and it needs to be soon enough! But there is still currently SO many things that needs to come into place, in order to make this work, and The Event, to actually happen!

So what you can do right now.. is actually stopping "new" people from awakening. and but also at the same time, actually just strenghten the people that is and ARE, already awake!

Not the sleepy ones.. No get going on strengthening the already awakened ones!

That's it for now guys!.. And girls!.. and if you wanna join me, or maybe some other hundred or other thousands Starseeds, Lightworkers, and or Lightwarriors (Like myself), so well then.. Then please join me for the upcoming "gathering" i am making, here and now, just before, The Event.. We will not only make the Event Happen.. No.. We will actually be participating IN IT; and do our tasks and paths, just, as we need to, on the day of The Great Great finalé Event!

Zagara is not only my galactic name. No it is in fact a galactic plan, in which i am now and currently going to commit to and perform! And it also starts with YOU.. Because in order for all of this great deal of a part of the big master plan to work.. Well then.. Then i actually need you!

So please feel free to contact me on the contact page!, and we will not only arrange some things and figure out more together, here in this great togetherness, finalé. No we will also do our parts together, here in this now.. Right Now!

\\Zagara. Over and out!

Contact Page Here (Currently being worked on. but the beginning of it is there)