1.0 - Starseed - Introduction, Sheet


We are all here and now.. Preparing for the Last Stand. Just before, and RIGHT before.. The So Called ..

The, Event. ... In Unity, and in Togetherness, and in Toughness .. As, ONE.

--- 1.0 -The, Starseed - Introduction, Sheet ---

My, dear Starseed family. I wish you a very warm welcome, here to "my place". Well. To say it in another way.. Actually, this is YOUR place.

It is so. That we are many Starseeds awake here. and or both actually also already awakening, to great lengths within ourselves. And it is although, that is good and great. The time for us, is simply also upon us.. In other words, to put it very simple. The time for you and me, and I .. is FINALLY, here to wake up the last of us.

So that to speak, we can actually do our both last stand here. and both also awakening, the remaining Starseeds, families members, and brothers and sisters.

In arms ... In arms we are, and in arms, we actually have and must, prepare NoW!. Here in this Now..

We are gathered, here today [Look Within] .. You will now see me standing there, in togetherness, in a room. And I will now show you the way... [Look within]

... We ARE gathered, here today, to not just understand, some things. But and also to actually, see, some things here along the path. This... Path! ...


We will now, here and now, begin the work together, as we both see fit, for our own internal soul growth. And but also, for what is to come, and what must simple not, come along the way, for the great beings of "your all".. And here in this here and now. I want you to be warned. Because in time.. Yes.. in time .. Your ego/soul path .. Will also have to be needed to be left alone..

And by that, depending, on your own, internal growth here. Then it simply must, and can only take place within you, in what is, and IF, you are ready in that time/space column..

In other words, my dear loving, friends. I am here to guide you, and or but .. i am not here to please you.. If you walk this path, towards, helpings us, here and in THIS.. NoW .. Well. Then you will simply have to be grown enough in maturity, inside of your own beingness, first, and foremost. Always.

This is needed to be understood, and understanded, before that, you can really and truly choose to continue along this, path here, which i will, and may, present to you ... Along the way.

--- Continue ON ... If you want to become, ready .. for .. The Event ---

Starseed, Lightworkers, and to all of your internal struggling Lightwarriors out there.. It is now the time for me to give you the final, workings before you continue on this path, here.. Here and in this, now.

If you are to continue, on this, path, here.. Here and in THIS, "NoW".. Well then i simply cannot emphasize, enough, of how appreciated, you actually, ARE!

We are all loving, beings here. And but we simply also MUST, remember, and understand, that we are more than capable of "sometimes", lowering our vibrational level, to another "person", og entities, "inner balanced, place to be" .. Here in this NoW.. And well. People. People of the so called, great great, Light! .. We are all gathered here, once more and once, again, to truly, understand deeply within, what is to come, and also .. what is simply just... NOT. to come!

So the final warning is, and has NoW been, given. And you are, or "should", be ready ... For This. ...

Be ... Ready ... For this!


Remember your own groundedness, along the way, dear Starseeds, family, and brothrens .. We simple must in togetherness, remember our own inner struggles, and groundedness.

This is very, and very much important ... Indeed!

You can, continue on along this path, when every you "feel" for it. Or ... When ever you are... Ready, to BECOME!